Piccotex 75树脂(伊斯曼碳九纯单体树脂

Piccotex 75 Hydrocarbon Resin

Product Description

Piccotex 75 hydrocarbon resin is the lowest softening point member of in a series of highly stable, water white, thermoplastic materials based on purified aromatic monomers. These resins have outstanding hot tack; heat sealability; resistance to discoloration; acid, alkali, and moisture resistance; and stability to elevated temperatures encountered in compounding. High initial and retained gloss, and improved application speeds on curtain coating and roll coating equipment. Piccotex 75 complies with some FDA regulations for applications involving direct contact with food. Compliance with a given regulation in a specific situation should be verified prior to use in a food contacting application.

Typical Properties

Ring and Ball Softening Point                    ASTM E 28   75°C

Color  a YID                                         6

Cloud Point b

MMAP                                             1°C

DACP                                             <-50°C

OMS                                              -9/-10°C

Molecular Weight c

Mz                                                1700

Mw                                                1100

Mn                                                650

Mw/Mn                                             1.7

Density @ 25°C                                      1.05 kg/L (8.66 lb/gal)

Melt Viscosity

10 poise                                           120°C

100 poise                                          100°C

1000 poise                                         75°C

Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) d                       32°C

Compatibility and Solubility

Compatible in useful proportions with paraffin, chlorinated paraffin, microcrystalline waxes, low molecular weight polyethylenes, high styrene resins, vinyl toluene polymers, ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymers, and many common plasticizers. Soluble in aliphatic, aromatic, and chlorinated hydrocarbons; ethers; esters; nitroparaffins; and benzyl alcohol. Insoluble in lower alcohols, glycols, and water. For low or zero VOC systems Piccotex 75 is soluble in the VOC exempt solvents t-butyl acetate and perchlorobenzenetetrafluoride (PCBTF) and will tolerate some acetone and/or methyl acetate as a diluent in solvent systems based on TBA and/or PCBTF. VOC exemptions and environmental regulations vary regionally and compliance with local standards should be verified before any claims about VOC content are made.


Solid, in light-gauge metal drums (420 lbs, 190.5 kg, net wt) or multi-wall paper bags (50 lbs, 22. 7 kg net).